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Elevado is a singer-songwriter duo that fuses strong vocals alongside raw and poignant lyrics, inspired by the artist’s life experiences. Composed of duel baritones Bradley Rhodes (Reston, VA) and Brent Shuttleworth (Nashville, TN), Elevado finds purpose in embracing the beauty and meaningful moments of the “human experience.”  Elevado isn't defined by genre, but rather the unique composition of language and sentiment.


Throw the Dice and Play Nice describes Elevado's most recent EP 'Asheville' as "a reviewing of roots within oneself and among society as a whole. It’s devotion to self-imposed honesty and improvement reflects more of a “come to Jesus” depth of motivation than just a generalized proclamation of intent to, or interest in, change."  


Their sound is grounded in simple, yet dynamic lyrics. The duo spends most of their time in their Sprinter Van, ‘Sadie’; serving as Elevado's touring transportation, home, and recording studio. Whether it be a campground in Utah or a national park in Colorado, the band draws energy from the powerful emotion nature draws to the soul.