Wiley House Concerts, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to offer a venue, forum, or event where emerging and established artists can perform for the community and the community can support the arts through attendance or donations to the events.  


Thaddeus and Tammy Wiley have both been surrounded by music their entire lives, and in 2018 began opening their hearts and minds to the greater arts community in a new way.  Having actively supported musicians for years attending concerts, purchasing merch, supporting kickstarter campaigns, downloading & sharing music, and connecting friends across the country; Thaddeus & Tammy put their efforts under one umbrella, Wiley House Concerts, to continue this support in a special setting. 

After only two years and 8 shows, Wiley House Concerts, Inc (WHC) officially became a nonprofit organization.  As a 501(C)(3) organization, WHC is able to gain community support toward all types of performing arts, arts education, & creative children’s programming.  WHC now reaches further having a new platform at the MUSIC4LIFE Living Arts Center in Clearwater, FL offering not only a listening room for WHC, but also a wealth of other special artist events including storytellers, poetry and writer’s groups, artisan workshops, lectures, interactive music circles and more. 

Stay tuned to the website www.wileyhouseconcerts.org for updates on our grand opening, how you can help us get there, educational music outreach programs, and of course what special artist surprises and unique fundraisers we have coming your way!


All Wiley House concerts are currently held in our home in Largo, FL.  Exact address is provided with receipt of your ticket purchase.  Once our new venue location is confirmed, we will post to the website. 



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